Ouch! Krauthammer Lowers the Boom

Charles Krauthammer pulls no punches.

President Obama bobs and weaves all over the ring, but  punches keep coming. Putin’s in rare form.  If only Krauthammer were in the ring with Putin.  But no,  it’s  Putin and Obama.

The Russian is landing his punches left and right straight to the mid-section.  Obama is taking it on the ropes. Weak response as Putin slams:

Putin puts the gloves to Kyrgyzstan and shuts down a US air base.

Putin forms a “rapid reaction force” to keep the muscle on muslim areas north of Afghanistan.

Putin flaunts plans to establish a naval base in recently conquered Abkhazia.

Putin, Putin, Putin!

Obama is dazed..  He doesn’t seem to know he’s in the ring.  He’s smiling, waving. Campaigning!?

I can’t watch!

Krauthammer calls it “Supine Diplomacy.”