Proof – Show Me God! And Then What?

On Facebook: Someone “is amazed how people can have core beliefs with no proof behind them?”

Not to waste a quip that begs a spiritual work of mercy, I thought I’d take it up here, rather than beleaguering those on Facebook anymore:

It’s the old “show me” that had the Russian astronaut, Yuri  Gagarin, supposedly, saying during his famous space flight, “I don’t see any God up here.”

So what if you had proof?  Would you change? Actually, Gagarin’s words are nowhere in the verbal transcript of that flight. It suited Nikita Khrushchev to say that in a speech at the plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to fit an anti-religious agenda. So, I ask, “What’s your agenda?  What will a God with a plan and an agenda of His own mean to your life?

Here’s what I mean: when Jesus appeared in the synagogues of Galilee, it was at a time of great expectancy.  The rabbis knew the signs of Messiah.  The people had no trouble recognizing the actions of Jesus to be the actions of God: love, healing, deliverance, power over the elements, power over matter and the biggie, power over death.  Some acclaimed Him.  Many walked away. Finally the rabbis said in effect and to His mortal peril, “No way.  No Messiah! They had the Romans crucify Him on their behalf.  Jesus said, “Follow Me.” Now the people too saw where it could lead. To be fair the rabbis saw where He could lead them.  He was standing above Moses, above Sabbath and spoke not about God but as God.  He was changing everything.  Even though they prayed for Messiah to come, and this man worked the signs of Messiah, they saw change as an enemy.

So I ask again. If God shows Himself, or you are given the proof you, supposedly, seek, what will change?  Will you?  Pope Benedict in his book Jesus of Nazareth, says.:

“The people who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake are those who live by God’s righteousness – by faith.  Because man constantly strives for emancipation from God’s will in order to follow himself alone, faith will always appear as a contradiction to the “world” – to the ruling powers at any given time.”

“Show me proof.” you say.  “Show me God”…. and what?  Will you change?

2 thoughts on “Proof – Show Me God! And Then What?

  1. I can agree with wanting proof of a God before believing. So many awful things take place in our world, that one is forced to ask… What supreme being could subject his people to such tragedy?
    The best I can compare God to, is Machiavelli’s The Prince. A good leader is one who should appear both horrible and accepting.
    Personally, I see God best as an idea and the Bible as a great book of stories.


    • There are classic proofs for God which speak powerfully of God and creation. They are beyond the scope of my writing ability. They are powerful, philosophically sound, logical and well explained. They are not simple and can not be distilled to a form of pop culture as you find with Hinduism or other new age movements. However God remains beyond human understanding but He is not unknowable. He does reveal Himself and His creation goes a long way in showing forth His glory. All of which can be found in scripture. Proof, if you mean scientific proof, putting God under the microscope to measure and weigh Him is not possible because science can only deal with the material, not the immaterial. God Himself reveals Himself in Holy Scripture and in experience. Faith is the beginning not the end. In the end love remains and we are meant to be swept up in it. However, for too many that is passe and dismissed. That leaves us with speculation and conjecture and many are their own Magesterium, judging not only the words of the Book but God Himself. Risky business though perhaps very sincere. Perhaps we can keep each other in mind in our efforts to pray as we make the best of this world. Many people are trying very hard to be a blessing to others and even if we don’t get it right or right away, I believe that our efforts to do that or to please God do please Him very much. That you “see God best as an idea,” is by no means a small thing, great things can come of great ideas, Peace.

      As to God and tragedy, we forget we have free will and bad things get exponentially worse as Evil grows. Also, Evil exists. It is personal and has great intelligence. It is at work in the world deceiving and blinding men. Though sin is seldom mentioned in the world, it reeks havoc on us all. How many these days avoid the near occasion of sin?

      It’s been a long day so I’ll leave it at that.


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