Upon the Cross

Upon the cross,
Your blood flowed
From Crown to Foot,
In streams upon Your Body,
So that there was not one space
That was not touched by Your Blood.

Your Body, the Church,
Covered in Your Blood;
Saved throughout Time
And for all Time
Unto Eternity,
Covered by Your Blood.

©2011  Joann Nelander

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3 thoughts on “Upon the Cross

  1. “Your Body, the Church,
    Covered in Your Blood;”

    Sometimes I wonder if we are vigilant enough to plead the Blood of Christ over this war-torn world. I know I am not. Your poem reminds me to spend time this Lent doing that, especially with the tumult in the Middle East and Ukraine. Wherever people are dedicated to evil, they take advantage of uprisings elsewhere to work to their own advantage in their own sphere. Fortunately, God doesn’t get distracted and is always available to us to answer our prayers regardless of what the politicians are up to.


    • Yes. Jesus lived in Caesar’s, Herod’s and Pilot’s world and yet lived without sin listening for the voice of His Father. Guess that’s why His Blood is the antidote given for us and to us.


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