A Little Trailer Music

  Oh, happy day. I have been roughing it in our trailer for the past month and without much of my accustomed sustenance. I just found Scott Hahn on my tiny radio headset. Great way to start a day. Scott Hahn speaking about the Lamb of God, the Passover, the New Covenant, the unleavened bread … Continue reading

One Holy Night

One Holy Night

One Holy Night Holy Infant of the stable You shattered my darkness In one Holy Night. Though, tyrants and terrors Threaten and pursue Peace shines forth in Your angelic Light. I, too, shiver in the cold, As enemies draw near, Simply trusting, in my plight. Taking heart that angels ring me ’round. Trusting that You … Continue reading

Two Images, One Lamb

Two Images, One Lamb Agnus Dei, Lamb of God, Meek, perfect, humble, Oblation, acceptable and sacrificial. Arnion, The Lamb, standing, as if slain, Conquering , and at Sabbath Rest, Resurrected! © 2017 Joann Nelander

Air Tapped

"Y’all, When President Trump tweeted that he and his associates had been wiretapped by President Obama, he misspoke. He and his associates had been "air-tapped," i.e., been subjected to electronic surveillance by the NSA and who knows who else in the Intelligence and law-enforcement community. It is not uncommon for eager beavers within the Executive … Continue reading