Exposing Our Governments Secrets & Lies

Dear Joann, I am excited to announce the launch of my new book Clean House: Exposing Our Governments Secrets and Lies! Clean House takes you through incriminating documents from the attack in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton’s secret emails, the IRS scandal, and the Obamacare swindle. Readers will learn the answers to many troubling questions- answers uncovered … Continue reading

Don’t Look Now

By Dick Roberts The Egyptian Foreign Minister’s ( Sameh Shoukry) visit to Israel last month ( 7/10) probably came as a surprise to many. Understandably so as over the 37 years since the Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty was signed, the formal agreement has not trickled into public consciousness in Egypt, and that there still exists considerable … Continue reading

No Greater Love

You wait for me. You wait upon me. You wait for a return of love. The heights that bar our union are great, But No Greater Love Springs o’er the mountains. No Greater Love leaps the hills, To stand outside my gate, Singing songs that stir my heart. Scale my many walls, O Love! Find … Continue reading