Consider this:

“We are app to inquire how much could a man has done, but with how much virtue he has done it is not so diligently considered.” Thomas a’ Kempis

Eucharistic Love

You, O Lord, inflame my heart.Rush on me, O Lord!Rush on me, O Holy Spirit,As I devour You, O God,Devour Me. Descend into my depths.Awaken my soul.Resurrect my poor spirit.Rise in my heart.I am Your servant, Lord. Your servant Joann

Step Up

I can only clean up your dirt,If you give it to me.Is it pride that stands in your way?Think, then, of the filth in which you wallow. Being prostrate in repentance,Is in reality a rising,A lifting of your head,A step up, my man! Really now, how proud can a man be,Who is chained to his … Continue reading