Father Forever

“Father forgive them they know not what they do.” Cords of sorrow draw me. I am witness to the plight, Man become beast, Without wisdom or wit, Licking his own blood, Hungry, harrowed, Stunned in horror. The knots of revenge entangle, Cry for evermore blood, Ever more abasement, Ever more widows, Ever more orphans, Ever … Continue reading

I Watched a Friend at Prayer

I watched a friend at prayer. From the moment her eyes Met Yours on the Cross, She was enraptured. What is it that passes between like souls? The gulf between You, God, And Your creature is unfathomable, Yet, Your love spans the distance and dissimilarity With the intimacy of a mother Suckling her infant, All … Continue reading

Sweet Cause

The world of men is full of accusers, Innocent as doves in their own eyes. Only the sinner finds a place at Your table, Garbed, no longer in rotting rags, But in wedding dress and festive best. The lowly come And are welcomed. Choosing a place at Your feet You invite “Come up higher”. At … Continue reading