Keep Praying

Here I am,Your poor one,Your lowly one,Your empty one,Kneeling in adoration.. You spread out Space and Time,Knowing You would call me forth.And then You did. You called to me,Forming me from the Earth,You Who played among the Pleides,Stooped to play with me. You kissed me,With the Breath of Your Mouth,You filled me,Shaping me,Empowering me,Placing in … Continue reading

Moments before Dawn

In these precious moments before dawn Prepare my waking body and soul to serve You, As You served our heavenly Father, In Your Incarnation. Dawning in the Virgin’s Womb, Hidden Divinity, Secret, sacred, Savior, Announced and served by Angels, Alive in hallowed Love, Glorifying Man in Your Mortal Garb, You are hidden now in me. … Continue reading

Lifting the Veil

Lift the veil in this morass of Sin,That faith may blossom and hope enter in.Let the Sun of Justice shineUpon a people in decline,That looking up from the tyranny of power and thingsYour face may captivate and solace bring. Pour down torrents of Thy GraceTo cleanse this dry and brutal place ,Uproot to plant anewA … Continue reading


O Man, awaken!On Earth, you are held accountable,Are you not? You sing for your supper.You dance to life’s tune.Only the air is free.All else is taxed.The first fruit is owed another. You fear to run from the law.You are held to a measure.!If it be such for a man of earth,Mortal, yet accountable,Where will a … Continue reading