Cloud and Clutter

Grey the day with cloud and clutter,Music’s muted melody obscured,Discord in search of harmony,Gives lie to the Promise of His Presence,If Truth were only that which can be seen. Faith, though,Believes not vision, but God,For God’s sake.All powers of perception,But a touch of His finger,A curtain parted for a peek,Hardly the measureOf the Almighty’s might. … Continue reading

Counting Stars

I counted stars today.As prophets and dreamers,Glimpsing God through the darkness,My wonder soared.I, too, beheldThe promise of eternity,Stretched across the eons. Mere points of lightIn a midnight sky,Announcing Truth veiled in mystery,Of things hidden and unseen,Of ages long past and yet to be.Who with meKnows that there is more,Much more? Lanterns hung in the heavensMake … Continue reading