SHE WAS THERE She was there, A magnificat of prayer. She was there, When the angel hailed her, “Full of Grace”. She was there, Standing with the Beloved Disciple, At Christ’s Cross and Dying, She was there. Full of Grace, A Magnificat of prayer. © 2018 Joann Nelander

From His Fullness

From His Fullness Gabriel spoke God’s Words, “Full of Grace”. Was Gabriel wrong? Was God wrong? What does “full” mean to God? Does it imply “except for”? God’s fullness is for us His Children beyond comprehension? Do not fear to take Mary for your mother, if you are His beloved disciple. She is His gift … Continue reading

Beholding Past, Present & Future

In Time, Yet above it, Beholding Past, Present and Future, Christ, look upon my fore-bearers, Still alive by virtue of an immortal soul. Look upon my world, spinning in Space, Held in its journey through Time, By Your Father’s Almighty Word, Destined for Judgement, Bequeathed Mercy. Look upon me, In my time, In my place, … Continue reading