Dwelling Place

Shelter me, O Lord,
On the day
Your Anger blazes forth.
Hide me
On the Day of Your Wrath.

Keep your servant
Steadfast and at peace
Even as the stars
Fall from the sky.

Cover my nakedness.
Cloth me as Your Beloved.
Throw the corner of Your mantle
Over me.

Live my life with me,
Christ all in all,
Forgiving all.

I make my abode
With your saints,
Wholeheartedly living
To praise and worship You.
Your Will is my will.

I delight to live
Carrying the Cross,
You loving prepare for me.

In my dying to myself,
Living Eucharist,
My footsteps tread Your Way.
Christ’s Passion,
My Calvary.

Joann Nelander

No Greater Love

You wait for me.
You wait upon me.
You wait for a return of love.

The heights that bar our union are great,
But No Greater Love Springs o’er the mountains.
No Greater Love leaps o’er the hills,
He stands by the window of my soul,
Singing songs that stir my heart.

Scale my many walls, O Love!
Find me here ready.
Anoint my head, my soul,
My heart and mind.

No Greater Love delights
To pour Eternal Love upon me,
With an exchange of wedding vows.

© Joann Nelander