Dreams Dreamt Before

Oh, I’ve waken to new sunshine Of dawns risen o’er the hills. I’ve swum in quivering rivers, And climbed in flight as gulls. I’ve shown bright with each moonlight And fallen with each star. I’ve feathered clouds with soft down And sprinkled rain afar. I’ve snuggled to a blade of grass And clutched a rose … Continue reading

Dawn Comes

O see, Dawn comes The first rays of Light Upon the mountain. How I have waited. How I have longed. Having embraced Faith I possessed Truth, But it was like the dawn, Outside myself. Written, as on tablets, But, not yet, Written on my heart. It’s glory was God”s, And not my own, Not of … Continue reading

Mysterious Will of God

From Your Cross You looked upon Man Your eyes were blinded By Your Own Blood. You could not even wipe That Blood away, For bound to a Cross, Your Hands were held fast To the mysterious Will Of Your Father. In Your Bloody Blindness, You felt the anguish of rejection, The rejection of Your People, … Continue reading

Many Veils

Still the many veils Stand between us. I know they are the weave Of my concupiscence, Hanging over my heart, Weighing the corners Of my smile, Hiding me from You In my shame. Must I forgive myself For being other Than Your Christ? My imperfection, And repeated falls Spoil my high hopes, But I find … Continue reading

You Chose Me From the Earth

You Chose Me from the Earth The day has begun, And, already, You have embraced Your wee one. I greet You With the opening Of my eyes, With thoughts That stream anew. My slumber has brought me To New Day. The night was spent In healing, and a continuity, That like the day Follows one … Continue reading