You stretch before me In wondrous expanses. Where are your limits, O Lord? Where the measure That contains Your domain? The ethereal sky, Hugging the mountains, Kissing earth, And spilling love across its plains, Proclaims a God of beauty. Hidden,yet revealed, In the minuscule and mighty, You peer from clouds That radiate streams of Your … Continue reading

You, Before the Altar

Opening my eyes And lifting my head From my prayer, My eyes fell upon you, My friend. Your steady gaze Fixed on the naked Savior, Your arms crossed Over your breast And you, Lost to this world, Spoke my prayer. You, in iconic stature, Embodied my heart’s cry. Bowing my soul, I turned within To … Continue reading

Savior’s Repose

My dearest Mother, Take my outstretched hand. And accompany me, From moment to moment, From love of God, To loving Him evermore purely, That I may be a heavenly garden, A place for the Savior’s repose, In the midst of my everyday, Until the angels carry me home. copyright 2015 Joann Nelander Joann Nelander