Where True Beauty Lies

Forsaking the Land of Shadows, yet again, And prostrate before You, I enter with my candle, Wick, barely alive, Smoldering, Awaiting the gentle breeze, That will kindle my flame To blaze forth, anew. Praise rises in my soul, As a lifetime of thanks given, Recall to memory The reason for my trust. Can Faith be … Continue reading

What Will You Worship Today?

My Child, What will you worship today? My sun warms you and brightens your day. My plants and animals sustain you. My ground yields it’s treasure To build And energize your cities. Rivers of beauty Play across the land, Teeming abundantly. You perceive The wonder of creation, Yet, your love Does not go Beyond the … Continue reading

Well of Sorrows

You behold my inner groaning. You grieve within me. Low pitched moaning Stir my depths, Awaiting  promised vindication. No eye, but Yours, Beholds the river of unspent tears, Hidden from the world of Men. Prayer without ceasing Issues forth For Your ears only. Words without sound Shape my inner being Fashioning a future full of … Continue reading