To implore favors through her merits: 

God revealed to St. Gertrude that those who should thank him for the graces bestowed upon her 

would participate in her merits, and would obtain their petition provided it were for their eternal welfare.
O most sweet Lord Jesus Christ, I praise, extol and bless Thee, in union with that 

Heavenly praise which the Divine Persons of the Most Holy trinity mutually render to 

Each other, and which thence flows down upon Thy Sacred Humanity, upon 

the Blessed Virgin Mary and upon all the Angels and Saints. And I give Thee 

thanks for all the graces Thou didst lavish upon Thy beloved spouse, St. Gertrude. 

I thank Thee especially for that ineffable love wherewith Thou didst pre-elect her 

from all eternity, didst enrich her so highly, didst draw her so sweetly to Thyself by the 

strongest bonds of love, didst unite her so blissfully to Thyself, dwell with such delight 

in her heart, and crown her life with so blessed an end. I recall to Thee now, O most 

compassionate Jesus, the promise Thou didst make to Thy beloved spouse, that 

Thou wouldst most assuredly grant the prayers of all who come to Thee through her 

merits and intercession, in all matters concerning their salvation. I beseech Thee, by 

Thy most tender love, grant me the grace . . . [mention it] which I confidently expect. Amen.

prayers from the st. gertrude and st. mechtilde … – Catholic Tradition › prayer-book