Art, Plagerism, Fraud?

What were they (the Obamas) thinking when they chose to hang an Alma Thomas art piece in the White House. Perhaps, they were thinking, “I don’t know anything about art, but I know what I like.” The problem with this artist is that her creation, “Watusi (Hard Edge), as Michell Malkin says here , “is an almost exact reproduction of a 1953 piece by Henri Matisse titled “L’Escargot:”

“Here they are side by side, with “Watusi” rotated and on the left.”

Free Republic posts:

“Is this fraud? If the new piece has been titled “Homage to Collage” or “Matisse in Blue”, I would think the artist wasn’t trying to hide the copying. But I wonder whether anyone realized that the artist copied almost every aspect of a famous work to sell her artwork. Perhaps everyone involved knew that this is a re-colored reprint. If not, it seems to be an embarrassment for the “sophisticates” who failed to spot a copy hiding in plain sight.”