iPieta- An Offering to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

An Offering to the Sacred Heart of Jesus O divine Heart of Jesus, grant, I beseech Thee, eternal rest to the souls in purgatory, final grace to all who are to die today, true repentance to sinners, the light of faith to pagans, Thy blessing to me and to all who are mine. To Thee, O most loving Heart of Jesus, do I therefore commend all these souls, and for them I offer all Thy merits, together with the merits of the most Blessed Mother and of all the saints and angels, and also together with all the Sacrifices of the Mass, the Holy Communions, the prayers and good works that are made today throughout the entire Christian world.

2 thoughts on “iPieta- An Offering to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

  1. I really like this prayer. From where did you get it? As Catholics we are so fortunate to have this devotion to the Sacred Heart.

    • Barb, I found it in a prayer compendium on a wonderful app called iPieta. It also has the Bible (Douay-Rheims/Vulgate),Mass /Novus Ordo,and Spiritual,Doctrinal reading).

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