Shalom Peace

I am man,
Creation run amuck.
You have set me to name the animals
And govern as You, Yourself,
With angel hosts to help set the world aright
But only by Your Light.

And what have I done,
And do I do?
Taking hold of the universe
I twist it to my will,
Make laws against Your Laws
And ride wild chariots,
Only to drown in Passover’s sea.

Yet there is hope for me.
Return to claim Your own.
Invite all to Your throne.
Purge the night in fiery column.
Dayspring arise to water anew,
And lead by Mystery and cloud..
In shalom peace to You.

Joann Nelander

7 thoughts on “Shalom Peace

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    • Thank you, Barb. Scripture is a constant inspiration, and like a diamond, as you look at it from different angles, it catches and reflects the beautiful light.

  2. I really enjoy your many allusions to Scripture, both in this poem and in others you’ve written. I downloaded one of your books . . . but it is still in cyberspace. I need to figure out how to get it onto my phone.

    • Thank you, Rich, and good luck with that download. It seems there’s always something to figure out in cyberspace. Personally, it makes me feel like a idiot, until I make myself think about how much I have learned since day one out of the box. It’s a workout for the brain, and mine is lazy these days! Again, good luck and God bless!

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