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Imagine yourself in Martha’s shoes, rushing around to care for Jesus with diligence and love. Christ knew the inner workings of her heart. He knew her desires, intent and concerns. He had the opportunity to honor her efforts, but he didn’t; quite the opposite.

If we were to render a modern, more sensitive scenario based on almost all the teaching I have heard, the scene would look something like this (Jesus speaking softly):

“Oh Martha, I am grateful for your desire to serve me. You are a good woman and one who obviously has my best interests at heart. I honor you for that. Please know that I greatly appreciate the love and care you are trying to show me. But please, lay down your concerns and rest a bit with me here along with Mary.”

Instead Jesus says, in effect, “Martha, your focus is wrong,” and “Mary, you are exactly on target.” Just to drive this painful interaction one level deeper, he reproves Martha in front of Mary and anyone else who may have been present. She appeals to him, and he rejects the appeal and corrects her!

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Angels’ Rest

I want to live in thanksgiving ,
Rendering praise upon praise,
Filling the world about me
With the presence of angels,
Called from the four winds
To a place where He, Who is Love,
Is honored and revered,
An oasis in the wilderness of men and beast.

Bow down, weary travelers.
Enter my tent.
Rest from your journeys among men ,
Your battles in high places..
Drink the water from the Rock
Savor the sweetness and honey
Of companionship,

Of like-minded souls,
In the bosom of our Ever Present God.

Copyright 2013 Joann Nelander