Candles on Altars



All men are candles,

Burning on some altar.

Some disappear into nothingness,

Before worldly idols,

Unable to sustain their spark

Beyond the veil,

Into eternity.

Others light the heavens

As they are consumed

On the altar of Love,

Merging imperceptibly,

Creature with Creator.

When my wax is spent,

I pray I am not distracted

By my sin.

When I melt

Into the arms of God,

May it be that Love,

That lit my flame,

Outshines my imperfections

In holy consummation.

Burn candle, all alight

Warming with mercy rays the night,

To Penetrate hearts of friend and foe,

To soothe and mend wounds,

Dispelling darkness

With the Uncreated Light

That set creation into being.

Now and forever,

I cast myself

Into the flame,

The furnace of His Sacred Heart.

Passing through pierced side,

One with the Virgin,

Holy angels and expurgated saints of ole,

Melted in union,

I am formed anew in Christ,

With the Father and Spirit,

Candle, altar and Salvation might.

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