#1 Fathers of the Church–Intro and Theology of St. Paul

Crimes against Humanity: “Normal” Treatment of Middle Eastern Women

A friend, Richard Roberts writes:

Surprising not in its content, but that it was written by a Pakistani woman. As you read this remember the Women’s March against Trump was organized by “ Sharia women” . That’s right- Sharia Women! If you have nit seen the article that exposes the Muslim organizers, I will gladly send it to you. It is astounding how easily our many of our women are duped by these people.. the greatest of ironies it is !

One of the most courageous sermons I’ve ever heard from a Catholic priest

This, I believe, is timely food for thought. You don”t have to agree with this priest, but you should listen for the history you may not have known, and the food for thought, that can only broaden our understanding.