Glory of the Oaks

This sight brought tears to my heart and the surge of holy joy.image


Church-Approved apparitions of Itapiranga, Brazil

Church-Approved apparitions of Itapiranga, Brazil


Major Apparitions of St. Joseph Are Approved

Truth be told, I write for those closest to my hear

Truth be told, I write for those closest to my heart, who, truth be told, are probably the least likely to read it. So, in truth, I write for the stranger who happens this way, and so enters my heart to become family and friend. Now, you are among the people who people my heaven.

I have been praying this prayer nightly

I have been praying this prayer nightly because it touches my heart deeply. It leads me to promise and resolve that for the future I will do what I have neglected to do through my forgetfulness, negligence and hardness of heart.

I met Fr. Groschel at a conference. He joined my friend, Laura, and I for breakfast one morning, crashing it with great charm and humor. That was his way. Later he signed his book for me, which I now treasure, all the more, as he has since died and, I believe, now delights in the heart of the Holy Trinity ❤️.

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