Hard As Nails

You are.
You are called.
You are great.

Called to greatness.
Called to suffering.
Called to travel your road.

No soul alone.
No soul without suffering
No soul unloved.

He’s gone before you.
He goes with you.
He is the greatness living in you.

Embrace your pain.
Count it all gain. Call on His Name,

© 2017 Joann Nelander

The Least of These

Jesus, Son of God,
Human and divine,
Reign at the core of my being.

In Eucharist,
You supply all.
You are cause and sustenance.

My Lord, my Lover, my holy Meal,
Giver of Gifts,
I place my all at Your service.

As rays of the Sun,
Shining and emitted for Your glory,
Unite my heart with Your Church.

Send forth Your Spirit,
Purifying as purgative flame,
The Church Militant and Suffering.

You, Savior, Victor, King,
Regard and guard “the least of these”,
Going forth from Your Most Sacred Heart.

© 2016 Joann Nelander