O, my Savior, Jesus, Emmanuel,
With Your Birth,
The Father shed His Grace and Glory,
Upon the Earth.

Angels lit the sky,
And Heaven sang it’s welcome,
And a lullaby.

You slumbered at the Virgin’s breast,
While Death and Darkness,
Heard the death knell of its reign,
Rousing Herod to dread the same.

Striking with tooth and claw,
The Beast profane
Dispatched His might,
And slew all male babes of Bethlehem,
While Rachel mourned,
Crying, in the Night.

At Abraham’s Bosom,
The Holy Innocents rested
With the Just,
While the Son of God and Man,
Grew, as did a tree,
That would on the Day,
Become a Cross,
And, with the glory of our Savior’s dying,
Serve, and bear,
All our sins away.

© 2017 Joann Nelander


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