Hide Me, Lord

Hide me, Lord
On the mountain
Of Your Love.
Place me in the cleft
Of the Rock.
Play for me
The music of silence.
Shelter me
From the storm and noise
Of the world.

©2013  Joann Nelander
All rights reserved

3 thoughts on “Hide Me, Lord

  1. Just a great lead in!” Hide Me, Lord” who would not check this out? The message is so real! Noise and more noise. Words are noise too. Joann, I am a super fan right now. Ray (no second or last name today,I will read more.)


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  2. All people are exactly the same. “all” means all. this applies to leaders, an subjects alike. Values must be taught to children continuously, hence some one needs the time with the kids (Dad works best here) doing and showing them all the time they are together. {WAH}

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