Holy See

I was looking at Your Heart,

Alight with rays,

Gushing from Your parted Breast.

I realized that heart was just like mine,


Yours aflame,

Shooting forth on wings of Holy Dove,

And mine,

Still learning how, what

And Who to love.

Love You are, and Love You give,

Bursting upon Time and Space, and Me,

And myriads akin to me,

Merely mortal, and yet more.

Heart rays, sacred emanations

Of Who You Are,

Enflame, to fire fleshly hearts

In Your Eternal Streams

Giving Your Life all

Who dare in hope

To welcome and adore.

Who but God could conceive

So great a good;

Your Heart is mine,

And mine is Thine

And I , at long-last, see.

©2014 Joann Nelander

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