Loving You Loving You I am with you, As One Who has always loved you, Loving you as you began your life’s journey To the kingdom of Heaven, Your true home, Loving you all the days I have appointed you. Loving you unto dying and your death, Loving you as the breath of life. I have played upon the strings of your heart, So that you would hear My music, Even midst dissimilitude and dissonance. Let not the unbelieving of the world, Let not discordance and strife of flesh, Let not the deceiver of Men, Draw a curtain before your eyes. Fix the gaze of your soul upon Me, Here in your heart, I reign, holy and at rest, Upon the throne At the center of your being. Do Me homage As you arise at the break of day. Bow before Me With the rising of each sun. Dance with Me, Following My lead. Cry with Me in the sorrowing. Plead for sinners in their fall. Lend the hand of prayer To uphold the weak and weary. You journey as one In the One Who is All Love. Peace, My child. Peace and refreshment, Here at my altar. I polish and perfect you, That you may be A monstrance of humility, Fading from prominence, As I send out my splendor As grace and blessing. All is gift to the one Who receives with the seasons, Yielding to the winds that blow upon the soul, Welcoming the water of spring rains, And the summer torrents, Allowing blankets of snow To still you in repose, Awaiting new life, My Life. © 2015 Joann Nelander

Miracle of Days

New day, the world awakens.
Blue Earth still hung
Among the stars,
Spinning and orbiting.
We rise once more,
Unfazed by planetary whirl.

Sunshine at my window,
Here we go, again.
Out of the bed,
Onto a floor,
Solid ‘neath my feet,
Oh, what a grand illusion.

Without qualm,
In phase with the heavens
The world of men
Slept in surrender
To the slumber
Of the night.

Peace, born of Faith,
Anticipating the morn,
Believing dawn would again.
As done before.
Life, a celebration
Risking response.

All creation rising,
What will you
In your doings?
Your mark, your glory!
Waste not a quark!
O, Miracle of Days!

By Joann Nelander

Tweet by Brit Hume on Twitter

LmtJZtmY_normal.jpg Brit Hume (@brithume)
6/2/19, 11:20 AM
Two questions still unanswered after the Mueller investigation: how does the Russian effort to interfere in the 2016 election compare with its efforts in past elections and what, if any difference, did the efforts make in the election’s outcome.

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Joann Nelander

Tweet by Obianuju Ekeocha on Twitter

2013b1f65ef3007f7cd580db25322a82_normal.jpeg Obianuju Ekeocha (@obianuju)
6/2/19, 12:40 PM
RIP Female sports.

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Joann Nelander