The Day Abby Crossed the Life Line

Wisdom, Come

Wisdom, come sit beside me.
Come, quiet my soul with Your whisper of peace.
Come, with heavenly companionship.
Come and remain, all my life long.
Wisdom, come here beside me.

Copyright 2015 Joann Nelander

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My Sun

With the rising of each sun,
I seek the Sun of Justice,
That coming up over hill or horizon,
He might climb the sky,
Shattering my limits, my lacks,
And poor persuasions.

O, Conqueror of Death,
And King of New Day,
Let nothing deter
Your mounting my sky.

As nothing could chain You in the Tomb,
Or dissuade Your Rising,
To pick up Life,
And surrmount High Heaven,
Here, at my beginning,
Call me forth.
With the Force of the Commingled,
And Communal Love,
That begot Thee,
For I choose Thee,
Thou, Who gave my soul substance without Matter,
Spirit without Space,
Dependant, only on Thee,
My Champion.

Love begot Thee.
Loves conceives in His Knowing,
And Love,
Takes wing,
To welcome me,
One God,
Thee, My Three,
Now regarding me.

O, Sun of Justice,
Arise, and in me , ever be.

© 2017 Joann Nelander