One Last Breath

One Last Breath

Our days flowed,
Seeming an endless river,
But then, alas,
Our mortality struck,
As it were, a fatal blow,
Bringing forth our parting.

The waters halted,
And I was left by the shore,
Hardly credulous,
As the chariot lifted you high,
High to the throne of God,
And I,
I gaze, longingly, after you.

I feel you in the breeze,
Behold you in a mirror, darkly,
And miss your gentle touch,
Though your voice echoes on every breeze,
And I stand transfixed,
As at the parting of the
Passover Sea.

Remember and remember,
Our days,
The River,
And our Promise.
Endless prayer, endless promise,
As I draw, and you behold, one last breath,
An everlasting breath.

Endless promise,
Endless life,
And now with Our Lord
Holy, endless, Breath.

Copyright Joann Nelander 2020