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At the end,

My very end,

Let my heart cry, “Mercy”.

Merit fails me,

As humanity touches all.

Yet Mercy beckons,

“Come be holy.”

“Be holy as I am holy.”

How but by grace?

I lie my life at the feet of Mercy.

My life bears the mark of my humanity.

I cry to Him who is Mercy.

My humanity begs divinity.

Trusting Your strong right Hand,

I call “mercy”.

I trust to Love.

My Jesus, “Mercy!”

By Joann Nelander



Lord of the Fallen,
Fallen from grace,
Fallen in misfortune,
Lord of the Forsaken,
Forsaken in favor,
Forsaken in worldly esteem,
Spread the corner of Your mantle over me.
Like a great bird,
Cover me with mighty wing,
Cloak me with warmth and security,
Like the eagle with its young
Castle me on high,
Feed me with morsels from your mouth.
Feather me in your splendid pinions.
Lord of the Trusting
Trusting in You
Trusting the Trinity
Lord of the Meek
Meek and humble
Meek and gentle of heart
Make Your Heart my eternal home.