Deliverance Prayer

August Queen of Heaven

Venerable Father Louis Cestac – founder of the Congregation of the Servants of Mary, who died in 1868), who was accustomed to receiving the generous blessing of the Most Blessed Virgin, was suddenly struck by a ray of divine light:-

The visionary saw a vision of demons swarming over the earth causing inexpressible injury and destruction. At the same time, the Holy Virgin appeared, saying that the time had come to pray to her as Queen of Angels and to ask her to send legions of angels to fight and overthrow the powers of hell.

The soul addressed the Virgin with the following words:

“O my Mother you who are so good, could you not send your angels without us having to ask you?”

“No” the Virgin replied, “prayer is a condition established by God himself even to obtain graces.” “Then, Mother”, the visionary asked, “would you teach me how we should pray to you?” And the Holy Virgin dictated this prayer ‘August Queen’ :

August Queen of Heaven and Mistress of the Angels,

You who have received from God the power and the mission to crush the head of Satan;

We humbly ask you to send the heavenly legions,

So that under your command they may:

pursue the demons,

combat them everywhere,

crush their bold attacks, and

drive them back into the Abyss.

“Who is like God?”

O good and tender Mother, you will always be our love and our hope.

O heavenly Mother, send the holy Angels to defend me and repel far from me the cruel enemy.

Holy Angels and Archangels defend and guard us. Amen.