The Great Awakening

Subject: Facebook post by Katie Koopman

Find the Lord, because…. What you are witnessing in our country right now will be one of the greatest stories ever told. What imprint will you leave in the sands of history? What will future Americans say we did in our brief time right here on Earth? Everything you have seen in our country since 2016 had to be done this way. We needed the Deep State and the Mainstream Media to do what they do best…expose themselves and lie to the American people. Made-up Russia Collusion, obstruction, the impeachment scandal, the pandemic, the race wars, the riots, and the election. But why couldn’t it have just been easier? Because sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light. If POTUS would have come out in the beginning of 2016 and said, “Look…I’m going to tell you the truth.” It wouldn’t have worked. People would have thought everything he would have said was just a “conspiracy.” Instead, he had to SHOW us. He had to show us exactly how far the Deep State and the Mainstream Media would go to destroy our country. And it had to be done this way. People needed to SEE it for themselves so they could truly understand it. The People needed to see how 5 Democratic Governors forced elderly’s into nursing homes in the beginning of the pandemic in order to raise the CV death count. The People needed to see how certain Democratic Governors and Mayors want to disband and defund the police force while they tell them to stand down so rioters and looters can destroy businesses you’ve worked your entire life for. The People needed to see how the Mainstream Media will hide a 60 year old FDA approved drug called HCQ from you…telling you that it will kill you…all because of how much they hate POTUS and don’t want him being right. The People needed to see how they will tell you to wear masks everywhere you go, stand 6ft apart, but rioters and looters are exempt. The People needed to see how the Mainstream Media will lie to you saying, “There are no riots, only peaceful protests.” The People needed to see how they will tell you to close your business and stay home…only because they want to hurt the economy before the election. And The People needed to see how they would manipulate the elections and force their Deep State candidate into power regardless of what The People wanted…thus taking The People’s one true power away from them…their voice. All of this needed to be SHOWN to The People. Because if you would have just told them about it, they wouldn’t have believed it. And once you experience this firsthand…and you SEE certain things up close…you can’t unsee them. And this is the Deep State and Mainstream Media’s greatest fear…a public that is awake and can SEE what is happening. We are now at a point in time where POTUS doesn’t need to be the nice guy anymore. He doesn’t need to take their punches any longer. We The People have seen enough and we are now awake. Do I mean 100% of The People? No. But the majority of Americans can see what has happened and they understand it now. And for those that still don’t understand what has taken place in our country…just wait until POTUS reveals what the Deep State is really involved in…Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against Children. Why do you think he’s fought so hard against human trafficking? Why do you think he’s building the wall? Why do you think the Enhanced Narcotics Mission is still going on in the South? Why do you think they arrested Ghislaine Maxwell? Because they are all connected. Not only are a lot of the Deep State players involved in treason and sedition…but many of them are also involved in human trafficking. And if you think the country is divided right now…once POTUS brings this into the fold he will then have the backing of the entire country. Because it doesn’t matter what race, religion, or color you are…we all agree that you don’t hurt children and you don’t kidnap people. This entire presidency was always about waking up The People. And it was always about We The People. This…is The Great Awakening.