I Commend My Moments

O Lord, at my death, speak my name.

All the moments of my life,
I vouchsafe to You.

As I breath my last,
Receive my sigh.

Call to awareness,
This poor pilgrim.

I am lost without a You.
I have spent my days in search of You.

Wandering, as a beggar,
Oblivious of my folly.
I guenched in thirst with sour wine.

Even in my concupiscence,
My heart has longed for You,

Fool that I am,
I have pursued beggars dreams,
Far from Your side.

Unwittingly, sought solace,
But been deceived.

Now, but speak my name.
From Your pierced side,
Let me drink Life.

Jesus, I trust in You.

copyright 2020 Joann Nelander