Bathed in the Spirit

I bathe my whole life
In the Blood of Christ.In Spirit, I place my Soul,
In the form of a new born,
In the water that flowed
From the Side of Jesus,
At the piecing
Of His most Sacred Heart.

O Holy Bath, flow over me.
Flow within me,
Permeating even
To the marrow of my bones. Embrace my thoughts.
As a river in flood,
Envelope all in Your path.
Possess all.
Carry the delinquent and wayward, As a torrent,
To the ever peaceful Mind of Christ, Redeeming and reconciling opposites.
May the Christ,
As a priestly chrism,
Penetrate the mundane of me, And divinate my being.
Heal forever my disparity,
Remove all trace
Of Sin’s dominion and damage.
O Holy Love, at Your insistence, I trust in You.
Coming forth from this bath,
Dry me, Your child.
As tears upon Your cheek
to honor all the tears
You shed for want of me.

Be solace to my regret .
Be comfort in my sorrow.
Wrap me, in my infancy,
In the heart of the Mother, Whose Immaculate Heart
Longed with You to birth me anew, And enflesh me as child.

Sweet Peace, O Holy Peace, You are All in All.
I, a child of God, will thank You For all Eternity
In Triune embrace,
A happy word, whispered in Spirit, From the Son to the Father.
By Joann Nelander