I Live by Your Will

Today, I live by Your Will.
Today, I live by Your Cross.
Today, I live by the grace of God.

I call on all heaven
To pray for me,
As I am weak,
And prone to sin.

With Isaiah, I promise God,
That I will not be silent,
I will cry out
For the sake of Jerusalem.

You, saints of God,
I station you on my walls
And at the city gate.

Do not cease
To petition the King,
For He is poised
To answer the persistent.

Joann Nelander

I Dream of Heaven

Night and day, I dream of heaven.
O, not the dream that slumber brings,
That mirage that is tortuous,
With struggles and comings and goings,
Jumbles and journeys
Taking me far, far from home.

No, I speak now of the dream of my heart.
I dream of heaven, the cry of my heart.
With longing and yearning and surety of soul,
I labor in love for a home that I know.
Through all life’s long journey,
My days are replete
With a pilgrim’s desire,
That sheds light ‘to my feet.

Though weary, and broken,
I no longer doubt,
That all heaven is waiting
To welcome with shout,
One miserable sinner,
Christ Blood is making holy, truly devout.