God Can

God can make it from nothing.

No Time, no Space, no place!

With a Word, Time,Space, place

All suns are born in His Light.

Beauty of the One Supreme Being,

Arrayed in all that is,

Himself, ethereal, everywhere and near,

Is, itself.

Living, thinking, Eternal Being,

Unseen, untouchable,

Existing forever and always,

Limitless, within and without.

Ocean of omnipotence,

Alive in Your Living,

Living in minuscule, and mighty,

Nothing without you.


Beyond all that is.

Worlds exists without me,

But not without You.

I am called,

As You called Creation into being.

The sticks and stones of creation,

Obey Your every whim and command.

Once angels had to choose

Now, Man, alone, can say “NO”.

Place “YES” in my heart,

That I may not thwart,

But with creation play my part.

All that is,

Is of Thee,

Infinite in all Your Perfections.

My Loving Mystery.

God, You can make it from nothing,

Make of me a Son,

My sun-light, after the long Night,

Knowing and forever loving,

You, my eternal Light.

By Joann Nelander