More than a Conqueror

Father, I thank you for this day,
This holy day.
As I rise from sleep,
May my soul arise,
Leaving sin
To seek Your face.

As I wash in preparation
For new and holy day,
I recall my Baptism
And the cleansing River of Life
That flowed from the side
Of my Redeemer.

As I clothe my body,
I remember
The dignity of Christ,
And the Name, Hashem,
By which I Am calls me.

I am clothed in the robes of a priest
To sacrifice with Jesus in my day.
The words of a prophet
Live on my lips
Ready to give an account
Of my hope and joy.

The Kings of Kings
Proclaims me a king,
And by the power of His throne in heaven,
He rules in my life,
And the lives my life touches
Through all generations.

Through my prayer of faith,
Covered in humility,
As the Blood of Christ,
Angels minister to the people of God,
Bringing peace, protection,
Strength and provision,
As I proclaim My “Amen”
To His Will, and His prayer,
“Father, forgive them.”

Go before me, Lord.
Walk with me, Lord.
Be my rearguard,
Precious Savior, Warrior King!
You, Who live in me,
Suffer in my flesh,
That which is to be
In this hour on Your Cross.

You are “more than a conqueror”
As You bring about
Your kingdom in this day.
O, Love sublime,
My life is Thine.

By Joann Nelander

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