New Creation

Joy was my initial response
To a day of silence,
More exactly, a day of listening.

The sense I had was of God’s delight.
He was looking on me as we do a newborn,
Full of love and enchantment.
He wanted me to share this delight.
He wanted me to recognize
That it was me
Who delighted Him.

I had an image in my mind
Of angels and saints,
Those present at the Mass,
Passing by and looking on me
As they would a precious newborn.

(I had just consumed the Eucharist.)
Each holy spirit and saint approached,
Giving me a blessing
They said I would grow into.
Or, seen another way,
By which I would grow.

The Father wanted me to know
How much it delighted Him
To see me rise after a fall.
I am a sinner but I will be a saint,
If I allow His love to form me,
And continue to rise after each fall.

It would be nice
If my falls were infrequent,
But if they be a thousand,
He would grace me
A thousand times,
Each time I washed
My robe clean
In the blood of Christ,
Confessing my sins
And beginning anew,
I am a pure and holy newborn.