All You Have Given Me

I love You, Lord.
You embrace me
In our communion
Of Eucharist.

I believe in Your love
For the sinner.
I am that sinner.
You come to me.

I am empty and poor,
Yet, You make
My poverty Your paradise.
Here I bring to You
All You have given me.

Behold Your streaming waters
Tumbling over my rocky ground.
Your light penetrates my depths.
The caverns of my heart
Yield their darkness
To You, O Holy Sun!

Sit here beside me in silence,
as praise becomes an uncontainable river within me.
Flow from my humble abode
To water Your thirsting world without.
Delight, O Lord,
At the crashing thunder as majestic waves
Rise before You in a crescendo of thanksgiving.
They pound down upon the shore of my unworthiness.
They ebb and flow
And gather strength as I remember Your Mercies.
All You have given me,
I give now with gratitude