Come Salvific Lord

Come, Creator and Salvific Lord.
Send Your Spirit over our land.
Come with conviction.
Come give discernment.
Come enflaming hearts.

O, Lord, be merciful in Your Justice.
Open our eyes to our sin
And our sinfulness,
For depravity now has its day.
The festering city
Erupts to spew abuse,
First on its children,
And then on those
Who come to its aid.

Perversity mocks virtue,
Opening its robes,
To welcome strangers.
Bereft of our God,
No family,
No home,
No love.

All Holy Creator,
Let Sin not reign.
Send Jesus,
Sun of Justice,
To light our land.

Hear Mother Mary ‘s plea.
See the tears she sheds,
Gathering her children under her mantle.
Spreading its maternal protection
To safeguard the weak and weary.

Come, Lord Jesus.
Grace us
And lead us
To seek true liberty,
To spurn license,
And licentiousness.

All men have sinned,
All suffer,
Abused and abuser.
Show us how to love,
To love our enemy,
To love ourselves.

Come, O Creator of Man.
Come with holy plan.
Fight the battle
With heaven’s legions,
To build on these ruins.
Raise from the dust
A nation that is pure and just.

Joann Nelander