Prayers for the Souls in Purgatory as Almsgiving for Lent according to St. Bridget

The angel added: “Blessed be the person in the world who helps souls with prayers and good deeds and physical labor. God’s justice, which cannot lie, declares that souls must either be purged after death through the punishment of Purgatory or released ahead of time through the good works of friends.”

    After this many voices were heard from Purgatory, saying: “O, Lord Jesus Christ, just Judge, send Your love to those who have spiritual power in the world, and then we will be able to participate more than now in their chants, readings, and offerings.”

    Above the space from which their cries were heard there seemed to appear a house in which many voices were heard, saying: “May God reward those who send us help in our weakness!” 

It seemed that the rays of dawn appeared in this house, and beneath the rays a cloud appeared that had nothing of the light of dawn, and from it came a great voice saying: “O Lord God, through Your unfathomable power grant hundredfold wages to each of those in the world who with their good works raise us up to the light of Your divinity and the vision of Your face!”

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