Willowtree Studio – Digital Artistry

If beauty is your thing, you’ll absolutely fall in love with these. The artist is my sister, but you needn’t be related to recognize genius. (No bias here.)

….and just in time for Christmas!

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Surprise Photo Op

I was taking photos of two young elk at a safe distance, when some kind soul hollered, “Behind you!” This big momma kept coming as I ducked behind a tree. I love Yellowstone.


The kids

Joann Nelander

Nature’s Wild Beauty – West Fork, CO Forest Fire

Nature has a way of being beautiful under the worst conditions:20130620-165711.jpg




Slide Show – Landscape Dreams Photo Contest

Slide show of Landscape Dreams Slide Show is now up.

Franciscan Flowers


2012 Landscape Dreams Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all who voted in the contest, especially if you voted for my sister’s entry or mine.

My sister, Bernadette Buechler, is  First Prize Winner. Go Sis!

Here is her photo entitled:

“Sunset Tapestry Over White Sands:

Sunset Tapestry Over White Sands by Bernadetter Buechler


Also a winner, yours truly. Again thank you for your vote.
I am listed as “Lelander” in the winners list, but honestly, that’s me, and that is, NELANDER, thank you very much!

Here’s my winning photograph, entitled:

“Sunset Majesty”

Here’s the list:


Visit Bernadette’s Willowtree Studio here.