Lewis’ Apologetic : Imagination and Reason

“Tolkien and Dyson showed Lewis what Christian doctrines are not actually the main thing about Christianity. Doctrines are translations into our concepts and ideas of that which God has already expressed in a language more adequate, and this language more adequate is the lived language,  the actual historical lived language of the incarnation, the crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ . That’s  the primary language of Christianity. It’s real; it’s historical, it’s visible; it’s tangible. It relates to an actual person, actually being born, actually dying, actually living again in some new ineffably transformed way.” (Michael Ward  Lewis’ Apologetics: Imagination and Reason)

Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

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The Simplest, Most Direct Argument for God’s Existence | BrandonVogt.com

The Simplest, Most Direct Argument for God’s Existence | BrandonVogt.com

William Lane Craig is one of the sharpest Christian apologists today, especially on questions about God’s existence, Jesus’ Resurrection, and objective morality. The Evangelical philosopher travels around the country giving workshops and lectures, but he’s best known for his public debates with well-known atheists and skeptics. (You can watch many of them online through his excellent Reasonable Faith website.)

During these debates, Craig has a very short time to make a clear and compelling case for God. One of his favorite arguments, on which he wrote his doctoral dissertation, is the kalam cosmological argument. Christians have many arguments for God, but the kalam has become increasingly popular because it is straightforward, easy-to-remember, and modern physics affirms one of its crucial premises (note: the argument doesn’t depend on science, but the latest science strongly affirms it.)

The kalam argument is fairly simple:

1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause for its coming into being.

2. The universe began to exist.

3. Therefore, the universe has a cause for its coming into being, outside of itself.

Yesterday, Craig released a short five-minute video covering the basic argument. Watch it a few times, remember the in’s and out’s, and you’ll be prepared next time someone tells you, “There’s no evidence for God!”

via The Simplest, Most Direct Argument for God’s Existence | BrandonVogt.com.