Krauthammer Setting the Record Straight

While the Iraq vote went on relatively quietly with hardly a cheer from the media, it is well worth noting that it is a credit not only to the Iraqi people and U.S. troops but also to the vision of President George W. Bush who had the nerve to stay the coarse.  President Obama let the event pass without fanfare but our people and country deserves more than that for democracy being hard won in the Middle East is a precious and rare commodity.

What President Obama did do is set himself up as the New Great Hope for U.S./Muslim politics as if the hand of diplomacy were never before persistently offered and American blood never shed for those beyond our borders.  Thank God and Charles Krauthammer for setting  the American record straight here in the face of anti-American naysayers and detractors.  In a few short, sweet and concise paragraphs,  he  gave credit were credit is due.  The truth is the best thing for this country and Obama owes that to us regardless of the image he wants to project to the world at large.  Thanks again, Mr. Krauthammer.