CJ Pearson becomes YouTube hit for BACKING Rudy Giuliani’s claims Obama doesn’t love America | Daily Mail Online

CJ Pearson becomes YouTube hit for BACKING Rudy Giuliani’s claims Obama doesn’t love America | Daily Mail Online.‘Georgia 12-year-old springs to Giuliani’s defense and becomes an internet hit as he brands Obama ‘unwilling to protect America’


America–New Beginnings–Begin With Prayer

Prayer for Those Who Govern

Come,  Holy Spirit.  Only in God will America live in the “peace that passes understanding”. We pray for those under Your Authority that they be peacemakers, that the walls of fear, hatred and suspicion may yield to justice and right, the “pillars of Your Throne.

We humbly acknowledge You, and pray that You reign in our hearts,  for might rests not in the prowess of our arms and armies, but  the succor of Heaven.

You saved the “Good Thief” for one hour’s  faith, save us who look for a new beginning in Your Name and under the banner of Your Love. Amen

©2014 Joann Nelander

Obama’s “Tragic” Response to Flotilla Incident

Keep America Safe’s Liz Cheney released the following statement on President Obama’s response to the flotilla incident:

Yesterday, President Obama said the Israeli action to stop the flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip was “tragic.” What is truly tragic is that President Obama is perpetuating Israel’s enemies’ version of events. The Israeli government has imposed a blockade around Gaza because Hamas remains committed to Israel’s destruction, refusing to recognize Israel’s right to exist and using territory under their control to launch attacks against Israeli civilians.

The Israeli blockade of Gaza, in order to prevent the re-arming of Hamas, is in full compliance with international law. Had the Turkish flotilla truly been interested in providing humanitarian aid to Gaza, they would have accepted the Israeli offer to off-load their supplies peacefully at the Israeli port of Haifa for transport into Gaza. President Obama is contributing to the isolation of Israel, and sending a clear signal to the Turkish-Syrian-Iranian axis that their methods for ostracizing Israel will succeed, and will be met by no resistance from America.

Olympic Crony-ism – the Chicago Way

Wake-up America! While we were sleeping, the enemy didn’t rest. Enemies come from the outside and from within.  Casper ten Boom, the father of Corrie ten Boom, author of  “The Hiding Place” said, “A mouse may live in the cookie jar, but that doesn’t make the mouse a cookie”

America can’t afford to rest on her laurels or the time of laurels will pass into history. Americans are waking up to an America they have trouble recognizing.  Vigilance is the watch word of this day. Some are doing their job in this regard.

Michelle Malkin is unrelenting in exposing tales of cronyism, corruption, planned or pending corruption:

When government officials play the Olympic lottery, taxpayers lose. That has been the disastrous experience of host cities around the world (Forbes magazine even dubbed the post-Olympic financial burden the “Host City Curse”). So, why are President Obama and his White House entourage headed to Copenhagen, Denmark this week to push a fiscally doomed Chicago 2016 bid? Political payback.

According to Malkin, who does her homework:

Chicagoans of all political stripes who oppose massive government funding of Mayor Richard Daley’s pet project have inundated my email-box. Reader Will P. sums it all up by noting that the games would “protect the current corrupt structure” and paper over Chicago/Illinois’s myriad woes, including: “Governor after Governor going to jail. Pay to play schemes. Crumbling and outdated infrastructure. Deteriorating public housing. Failing, dumbing-down schools. Hospital cutbacks. Sanctuary city. Never-ending gang wars (outbursts every Spring requiring massive police presence, police outmanned at the Taste of Chicago, innocents shot in the crossfire weekly, current beating video out now). Cemetery scandal (bodies removed and graves resold)…Acorn, Bill Ayers, Rezko, Blago, Wright. Univ. of Illinois “clout” scandal. Illegal preferential city hiring. City inspectors on the take (Operation Crooked Code). Voter fraud. The unemployment rate. Taxes through the roof. Mayor Daley attempting to extend city taxes to the suburbs. All this, and more…”

Read more here and here.

Demand Answers! “Facts are Stubborn”

Read all about the healthcare that includes killing the unborn infant in the womb!…here.

From Emily Buchanan, executive director, Susan B. Anthony List:

Demand Answers at Town Hall Meetings!

With Congress in recess, many Representatives are holding Town Hall meetings so that constituents can voice their opinions.

As you’ve probably heard in the news, thousands of American voters are coming together at these Town Hall meetings to demand answers from their Representatives concerning the health care bill.

It is time for Susan B. Anthony List Pro-Life Activists to get involved and demand answers on why Congress wants to use our tax dollars to provide abortion coverage in every health care plan, public or private.

Already, Representatives are feeling the heat on abortion.

Just yesterday, when asked about abortion coverage in the health care bill,

Rep. John Dingell, the chief sponsor of the bill, responded: There will be no payment of taxpayer funds for abortion.”

Simply put, this is a bold-faced lie.

Just this week, the Associated Press (AP) wrote a story

headlined, “Gov’t insurance would allow coverage for abortion.”

The truth is on our side, and we must make sure we share the truth with every member of Congress face-to-face to Stop the Abortion Mandate!

Here are 5 easy ways that you can make a difference in your community:

1. Find local Town Hall meetings sponsored by your Representatives. Click Here for a list of Town Hall meetings across the country.

2. Bring a homemade sign that says, “Abortion is NOT Health Care” with www.StopTheAbortionMandate.com

below it.

3. Simply ask your Representative: “Why is the current health care bill forcing me to pay for abortion coverage?” Click here for more sample questions and tips!

4. If your Representative denies the charge, hold up the Associated Press story and read the headline. Ask them why they are lying about abortion coverage in the bill. Click Here to print out the Associated Press story.

5. Please bring a video camera and have someone record your question and record the response. Contact us at information@sba-list.org so we can help you send us the video.  At the Town Hall, seek out members of the press and do interviews with them.

Emily Buchanan
Executive Director, Susan B. Anthony List


From Americans United for Life Action’s Charmaine Yoest:

Just yesterday, in a USA Today op-ed, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) argued that the people attending town hall meetings and questioning the wisdom of the House health care reform bill have been “un-American.”  “Opponents are afraid not just of differing views,” they write, “but of the facts themselves.”

But as John Adams famously argued in 1770, “Facts are stubborn things.”

The truth is that there is nothing more American than the First Amendment right to “petition the government for a redress of grievances.”  The facts of the plan under consideration demand that pro-life Americans speak up now or risk being forced to pay for a plan that mandates taxpayer funds for abortion, strips health care providers of conscience rights, and threatens the ill and elderly with denial of care.

Here’s a better idea than questioning one another’s patriotism:  show them you’re not afraid of the facts.  Go to your U.S. senator or representative’s town hall meeting and ask informed questions.  AUL’s legal team has written a talking-points flyer for pro-lifers to distribute at these meetings.  It gives detailed information on the parts of the bills under consideration that relate to abortion, end-of-life care, and conscience rights.  The flyer also includes our three essential principles that must be in any health care reform plan that protects life.  Click here to download the flyer.

All the information on the flyer is also available on AUL’s RealHealthCareRespectsLife.com, along with additional in-depth analysis from our legal experts on the health care reform plans currently in the House and Senate.  If you haven’t done so already, make sure to sign the site’s petition to add your voice to the thousands urging the President to keep abortion out of health care. Thank you for joining me in protecting and defending life!

Caught on Tape: Obama Calls Abortion the Center of His Health Care Agenda

If you’ve seen our FightFOCA.com, you know that, as a presidential candidate, Barack Obama promised abortion advocates at a Planned Parenthood conference that the “first thing” he’d do as President was to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. Thankfully, you and the 700,000 others who signed our “Fight FOCA” petition helped convince him that was a bad idea. But did you know that, at that same conference, Obama said that mandated abortion coverage would be at the “center and heart” of his health care agenda? He did, and we’ve got the tape.

“Desperately Seeking Yeltsin”- Krauthammer

Is there a leader to lead this revolution”

Charles Krauthammer writes:

Desperately seeking Yeltsin. Does this revolution have one? Or to put it another way, can Mousavi become Yeltsin?

President Obama’s worst misstep during the Iranian upheaval occurred early on when he publicly discounted the policy differences between Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Mousavi.

True, but that overlooked two extremely important points. First, while Mousavi himself was originally only a few inches to Ahmadinejad’s left on the political spectrum — being hand-picked by the ruling establishment precisely for his ideological reliability — Mousavi’s support was not restricted to those whose views matched his. He would have been the electoral choice of everyone to his left, a massive national constituency — liberals, liberalizers, secularists, monarchists, radicals and visceral opponents of the entire regime — that dwarfs those who shared his positions, as originally held.

Moreover, Mousavi’s positions have changed, just as he has. He is far different today from the Mousavi who began this electoral campaign.

Revolutions are dynamic, fluid. It is true that two months ago there was little difference between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi. But that day is long gone. Revolutions outrun their origins. And they transform their leaders………..

As Mousavi hovers between Gorbachev and Yeltsin, between reformer and revolutionary, between figurehead and leader, the revolution hangs in the balance. The regime may neutralize him by arrest or even murder. It may buy him off with offers of safety and a sinecure. He may well prefer to let this cup pass from his lips.

But choose he must, and choose quickly. This is his moment and it is fading rapidly. Unless Mousavi rises to it, or another rises in his place, Iran’s democratic uprising will end not as Russia 1991, but as China 1989.