Evolution – “Kinds Becoming Other Kinds”

Evolution, the theory of the origin of Life?  I don’t think so.  Dinesh D’Souza in “Life After Death, the Evidence” plays Devil’s Advocate and gets to the question Darwin avoids completely, the question of the cell – the building block of life, complete with DNA, a plan and a plant, a manufacturing plant that is.  The cell is itself alive with wonder and activity without which any life could not be.

“How did we get cells? This is another way of asking how life began. Darwin  didn’t even attempt to answer this question. He recognized that there is was no way to explain the integrated functionality of the cell by appealing to evolution or natural selection.  Evolution itself presumes and requires cells that come fully formed  with the capacity for metabolism and self-replication; no reproduction, no natural selection!

Clearly the basic template of life  came fully formed when life first appeared on this earth about 4 billion years ago.  Michael Shermer in “Why Darwin Matters” admits that Evolution is not a theory on  the origins of life but of how kinds became other kinds.”