The Saints Crowned in Glory

The Church Militant and the Church Triumphant ...

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The Saints are longing for us,
longing that we share their glory.
No harm in such
says Bernard.

This glory is to be spread abroad
by God’s sovereignty
and generosity.
This glory is  none other
than the glory in which the Father
robed His dying Son.

It is  now reflected in His Saints,
who in life picked up their cross,
and followed  Him upon their knees.

The battle they fought on Earth now is ours.
They continue with us,
the Church Triumphant,
pleading for the Church Militant.

Blessed are those who were poor in spirit,
who were merciful, loving their enemies,
who mourned and who were persecuted,
who were pure of  heart,
and sought peace
through the wood of the Cross.

Blessed are all those gathered
to the Father’s  bosom.
Blessed are they and generous,
interceding for the saints,
as they look for us to follow in their steps.

Brothers and Sisters,
radiant in glory,
beam forth Christ.

All happiness to His Saints
rewarded now and forever.
All glory to the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.

By Joann Nelander