Rejoice! Gaudete


Give me, God,
This glad rejoicing.
I am like a beggar at the gate.
My rags declare my need.
My knock trumpets my desire.

Your courts are full
Of plentiful redemption.
Wine and the merriment
Of the forgiven,
Invite my humble footsteps.

Although I bring myself
To Your threshold,
I cannot enter in,
For Sin is an effrontery,
An open assault on Your Majesty.

All awaits Your mercy.
Heaven is silent before You.
Tears are now my only arraignment
The voice of Your messenger
The only hope in my wilderness.

The King, Himself,
Rises from His throne.
Crowns are cast down at His feet.
As the sun shines from His Being,
Mercy rays meet my eyes,
And melt my heart.

He draws near.
His hand is at the Gate
To let in the beggar and the multitude,
For I am not alone.
The nations,
In long suffering and sorrow,
Kneel with me.

He approaches.
He is near.
Wedding garments in place of our polluted rags,
Rings and sandals for prodigal feet.

He comes,
He comes mid glad rejoicing.
We need wait but a moment.
The Virgin is with Child,
And He has left His throne
To succor the poor of all the earth.

By Joann Nelander

3 thoughts on “Rejoice! Gaudete

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  2. Thank you Joann. Beautiful. I thank God for your insight and talents. I don’t comment on them all but I do love all your work. Some just especially speak to me where I’m at. I’m with you at the gate with all sinners (Lord Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me a sinner) and I can see the mercy rays “For the sake of His sorrowful passion , have mercy on us and on the whole world.”

    I am excited to see your new book that I have ordered for my daughter and her husband for Christmas.


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