Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

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Here are my contributions from the past week:

2012 Landscape Dreams Photo Contest Winners

Babe of All Perfection

Prayer to the Powerful Babe

The Shawl of Prayer

Rejoice! Gaudete

2012 Landscape Dreams Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to all who voted in the contest, especially if you voted for my sister’s entry or mine.

My sister, Bernadette Buechler, is  First Prize Winner. Go Sis!

Here is her photo entitled:

“Sunset Tapestry Over White Sands:

Sunset Tapestry Over White Sands by Bernadetter Buechler


Also a winner, yours truly. Again thank you for your vote.
I am listed as “Lelander” in the winners list, but honestly, that’s me, and that is, NELANDER, thank you very much!

Here’s my winning photograph, entitled:

“Sunset Majesty”

Here’s the list:


Visit Bernadette’s Willowtree Studio here.

Babe of All Perfection


O happy Babe.
Babe of All Perfection,
Your little heart, so full of love,
Your face radiant,
Reflected in Your mother’s gaze.
Your soul, ablaze!
Hearth of longing and compassion,
The Family of Nations comes to adore You

©2011 Joann Nelander