Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

It’s time once again for Sunday Snippets. We are Catholic bloggers sharing weekly our best posts with one another.  Join us to read and/or contribute. To participate, go to your blog and create a post titled Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival. Make sure that the post links back to here, and leave a link to your  snippets post on our host, RAnn’s, site, This, That and the Other Thing.

Question of the week:  Have you ever tried the Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office)? Why or why not, and, if so, is it something you pray regularly?

I’ve been praying the Invitatory, Office of Readings, Evening and / or Night Prayer most days for years, though I have had more success doing it thoughtfully and enjoying it since I discovered:  They provide a beautiful community prayer experience for me.  I love not having to spend frustrating effort finding and flipping pages, though I probably merited time off purgatory for all those efforts in years past, Then I just managed Morning Prayer.

Hearing the marvellous readers,prayers and their heartfelt readings helps me quickly get into the rhythm of this holy practice.

I’ve been away so all I could manage was a re-post I hope you’ll like:

To Greater Heights


To Greater Heights

Lift me to Your shoulder;
Carry me, henceforth.
I can see all things in a new way,
From my throne above the world.
Your Shepherd’s crook in view,
A sign of assurance,
Calming the sea, defeating the flesh,
Vanquishing the Foe.
Perched in Paradise,
I ride above the storm.
Battles won by stillness,
Flames quenched by Water from the Rock.
Carrying the one You love,
Bearing Your burden,
Loving Your labor,
Loving me.
I see the wound of Your Cross.
I see Blood,and Bone,
And I see me,
Carved in Your bruised
And beaten flesh,

Lifted to Your shoulder,
You carry me,
Onward and upward,
Unto greater heights,
Cross and throne,
One in God alone.

© 2012 Joann Nelander