Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

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Do you have any suggestions regarding the Rosary? Books? Audios? Ways to pray it?  My Answer:

My very favorite way to pray the rosary is a scriptural rosary in which each Hail Mary is preceded by a scripture verse pertaining to the mystery being prayed.  You get the picture immediately that this powerful prayer is Christ-centered and Salvation-centered; also meditation is supported throughout by the voice of scripture, loud. clear and prayerful.

 The Luminous Mysteries

For those short of time and perhaps commuting, Rosary on the Go keeps you focused.

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Readings from “Into the Stillness” – Audio Post

Advent – Prayer in Waiting

Advent is upon my soul.
Divine gift of season,
I listen for the cry of a First Born Son,
Begotten before Time begun,
And enfleshed in the Virgin’s womb.

I come to her,
Who is the Ark,
Your Mercy Seat.
Kneeling beside her
In these pregnant moments,
I lay my head upon her lap.

Her wonderment and awe
In steadfast contemplation,
Inspire angels’ songs.

I hear their reverent voices
In my night.
Their chorus bids me come.
Come to the stable of simplicity.

Leave the noisy city for a deserted place,
The Wilderness whose hidden way
Leads to the waiting manger,
Now, in expectant readiness,
For the Food that will feed
The hungry world.

My Advent prayer,
Come, O Holy Infant!
Come to my straw!
By Joann Nelander

All You Have Given Me

I love You, Lord.
You embrace me
In our communion of Eucharist.
I believe in Your love for the sinner.
I am that sinner.

You come to me.
I am empty and poor,
Yet, You make my poverty Your paradise.
Here I bring to You
All You have given me.

Behold Your streaming waters
Tumbling over my rocky ground.
Your light penetrates my depths,
The caverns of my heart

Yield their darkness
To You, O Holy Sun!

Sit here beside me in the silence,
As praise becomes
An un-containable river within me.
Flow from my humble abode
To water Your thirsting world without.

Delight, O Lord,
As the crashing thunder
Of majestic waves
Rise before You
In a crescendo of thanksgiving,
Finally pounding down
Upon the shore of my unworthiness.

They ebb and flow
And gather strength
As I remember Your Mercies.
All You have given me,
I receive now in humble gratitude.

Eagles dance in the air
Above our heads,
Clasping claws holding fast,
Spinning in wedded bliss;
Their flight a symbol
Of our holy love.

© 2010 Joann Nelander