Your Presence – Audio Post #Presence

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded...


Your Presence

Your presence is all around me,
And Your glory shines forth
From even the smallest of Your creation.

If I were to feel Your effects all day long
I would live in tears,
Rejoicing with tearful gladness,
And weeping, conscious of my deserts.

So I avert my gaze from these flowers of love
That I may carry on
Keeping my feet anchored on earth,
Though my soul would have me take flight
And keep company with the angels.

My spirit strains upward
As over and above all
I reach for You in humility of heart,
Worn out by Your mercies,
Never tiring in Your consolation.

Come Holy Spirit!
Make Your home in me
With customary gentleness.

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One thought on “Your Presence – Audio Post #Presence

  1. We give thanks to God
    I pray to the Holy Spirit
    I pray only to our God.

    We pray for being in
    right relationship
    with God faithful
    presence of
    God the Father.

    In Jesus’ name with His authority
    and God remind ourselves
    of our humility,
    to remind ourselves
    that Jesus
    the Son of God,

    I pray firmly
    to my faith
    I profess.

    I may receive
    mercy of the Spirit himself
    intercede for us and
    ourselves and grow
    in holiness and pray
    as I bless according to my

    the Lord fulfil ourselves
    entrusting them
    to God
    Mercy of God. Amen


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