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A man walks past a tree uprooted by strong winds brought by super Typhoon Haiyan that hit  central Philippines. The strongest typhoon in the world this year and possibly the most powerful ever to hit land forced millions of people to flee to safer ground, cut power lines and blew apart houses. Photo by Reuters/Zander Cases, courtesy

As reports of damage from Typhoon Haiyan begin to surface, Catholic Relief Services is moving supplies and positioning staff to respond to the aftermath of what was the most powerful storm in history at time of landfall.

There is currently almost no information coming from the worst-affected areas, as power lines, phone lines, and mobile towers have all been hit.  However, there are some reports coming in of landslides, flash flooding, destroyed shelters, and missing persons.

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Subway Mensch – The Kindness of Strangers


Isaac Theil doesn’t know what to make of all the fuss, now that this photo has gone viral.  We are a society hungry for heroes. Sometimes we even manufacture them for their celebrity value.  Here, at last,  is a man who puts a human face on the ordinary, sometimes unnoticed,  kindess.   מזל טוב, mazel tov, Isaac!  May you survive the notoriety.

Anonymous: Kyrie eleison (Ambrosian chant)

Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

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NCRegister | At the Front Lines for Life

At the Front Lines for Life

Veteran pro-lifer gives helpful how-tos to save the unborn.

BY JOSEPH PRONECHEN, STAFF WRITER Saturday, Nov 09, 2013 6:25 AM Comment

Roderick (Rod) Murphy has been running Problem Pregnancy Center of Worcester, Mass., so successfully for decades he hopes his model will be used nationally to save babies from abortion.

He has written a book for opening and running such centers — Stopping Abortions at Death’s Door (Taig Publishing; available through Amazon) — and personally guides people under the Frontline Life Centers banner. He spoke to the Register about his idea.

Tell us about your successful crisis-pregnancy center.

Problem Pregnancy of Worcester ( has been across the street from Planned Parenthood for 31 years. We moved three times when they moved.

We have developed a method of saving babies. Planned Parenthood kills about 2,500 in Worcester a year. We save about 200 or more a year. We’re very successful.

We do this with all volunteers and sidewalk counselors. Nobody gets paid. Nobody gets a nickel — ever. We’re open six days a week with volunteers.

The money we raise we use to help the women with their real problems.

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No ObamaCare – Dinesh D’Souza and Michael Shermer