Who really died?


Who really died?
I never saw
The light of day.
Black descended,
Of a kind
I knew not,
And then no more….

How did I know you?
All I knew was you.
You flavored my becoming,
Your genes, my genes,
Your feelings,
Emotional rhythms,
Touching me
By blood connection.
All this,
And then no more…..

How did I feel you?
Warmth, gentle rocking
To and fro.
I felt you,
Surrounding me,
Pressing me,
Impressing me.
You whooshed at times
And hummed.
And then no more…..

How did I leave you?
I knew anguish
As once I knew you,
Your blood feeding mine,
I knew as parting,
Leaving behind mother
As gift withdrawn,
And bid goodbye.
Too young for endings,
Too soon to die,
And then no more…..

How now and by and by?
Sorrow and black
And then the Light.
New Day, as womb,
Enfolding me.
Life ending
Beginning yet again.
And I behold
The Face of God.
I live,
Knowing Love,
Yet still,
I wait for you.

Eternity has a door,
God knocks from His side,
I listen for you.
Pray but open the latch.
That you might die no more,
And free from sin,
Enter in.

There is yet more.
Who really died that day?

8 thoughts on “Who really died?

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  2. Beautifully expressed. People who believe that this life is all there is and don’t acknowledge the immortal soul don’t realize that even though the brain may not be fully developed, the soul knows that the body is torn from it against its will no matter how young the baby is. I believe the Blessed Mother gathers all aborted and miscarried babies to herself until the Last Judgement. We will then see the horror of the sheer numbers of murders committed against the unborn, and many parents will rejoice in seeing the babies they miscarried. Imagine the outflowing of love on that last day.


    • I pray that holy repentance is accepted as grace offered and received from the hand and heart of our merciful Savior before that Last Day and our individual last day.


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