By Your Presence


You, by Your Presence, O Lord,
Are Light to my darkness.
You are the kiss upon my brow,
The oil upon my head,
The arms of sweet embrace,
The banner over my heart.

You, All Love,
Bless this child of Your magnificent
And magnanimous Mercy.
Day by day.
I find You all about me.

Flowers and fields,
Spread before me
As a welcoming blanket.
Come rest awhile, You invite.
I come and I delight.


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8 thoughts on “By Your Presence

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      • PTL! I AM still a babe in MY understanding what GOD is doing in MY life. I have studied countless hours trying to understand and still hunger for more clarity. I had an experienced like Paul did on the road to Damascus. I felt GOD speaking to ME personally and felt a personal connection to his crucifixion on Nov 9 @ a weds night service @ Calvary. It has sent ME on A mission searching for answers and seeking GOD in EVERYTHING. I’ve learned some but due to OUR lack being taught the Truth and given limited resources. I still hunger for more answers. I have NO doubt GOD is doing something AWESOME in MY life. But the struggles I still face daily make it hard to truly accept. I wld LoVE to share w U MY STORY and get UR insight. I AM nt sure what or why GOD has chosen ME. But I knw what HE has written on MY heart needs to be heard and cld bring healing. Just not sure where to start. Any advise? Spanks for sharing UR BEAUTY w US.


        • God’s Sweet One,
          We are all babes in our understanding, and from my experience, being now in my 72 year, I believe, as I draw my dying breath, I will still be. All any of us can do is pray, and be prepared to grow in the spirit as faithful disciples. Being a Roman Catholic since April 19th, 1942 and, having received the Eucharist daily, since my 19th year (except when prevented by circumstances), I can say with confidence, that God will always be greater than my understanding, but I have found His Church to be a endless font of His Wisdom and Truth. It’s teachings and the writings of the Saints shall keep me learning as long as I am able, and then simply be the comfort that sings me to sleep at my end; not a shabby destiny! To be a student at the feet of the Church, His Mystical Body, is a privilege and it will be a limitless source, as it is the recipient of an endless promise.

          Like you, I have no doubt, what He is doing is awesome; it is His Nature and you are being so receptive of that Love that is drawing you ever closer to its Source. The Beloved Disciple stayed with Jesus, and at the side of the Mother, which brought him to the foot of the Cross, where his mission from the Christ was to take Mary into his home (read heart) as his mother, and when John ends his good news, he tells us, that there are “so many other things that Jesus did, but if these were to be described individually, I do not think the whole world would contain the books that would be written.” That is certainly enough for a lifetime, I think. So much to say that the world, as it is today, cries for the Love of Jesus and the gifts He is sharing with you. We can keep each other in prayer, and I think it is a good idea to keep the angels busy setting them as incense before God’s throne.


      • I do knw FATHER will reveal to ME in due time EVERYTHING I need to knw. I TRUST in HIS word and have FAITH that HE has it all taken care of already. So I wait patiently in HIS PRESENCE w GREAT anticipation singing praises and in AWE of what is to come. Ready UR hearts! PTL!


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