Prayer for Sleep


To thy maternal faithfulness and to thy special care, O most blessed Virgin Mary, I commend myself this night, beseeching thee to protect me from all the snares of the enemy. O my beloved Angel guardian, and thou, holy Saints, my patrons, defend me and keep me in safety through this night. Praise my God for me without ceasing while I sleep ,and deign to bestow on me thy blessing in answer to my humble prayer. Amen.



Taught to St. Gertrude by our Lord.

O LORD JESUS, I accept this sleep in the love with which Thou didst sanctify it when Thou didst deign to sleep in Thy most sacred Humanity, to the glory of God the Father, and for the salvation of all the whole human race; beseeching Thee that, in union with Thy Divine Love, it may tend to the increase in grace and glory of all Thine elect, in Heaven, on earth, and in Purgatory. Amen.

Before you lie down to sleep, trace on your forehead these four letters, I. N. R. I., saying:

MAY Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews, preserve me from sudden and unprepared
death. Amen.

Our Lord revealed to St. Edmund that those who use this prayer shall be preserved from sudden death in the night.

On one occasion when St. Gertrude could not sleep, she learned this prayer from Christ Himself.

By Thine Own eternal and unruffled repose in the bosom of God the Father, by Thy most
peaceful rest in the womb of the Blessed Virgin, by the most ecstatic rapture with which Thou didst ever take thy delight in the hearts of those who love Thee, I beseech Thee, O most loving Lord, deign to grant me needful sleep, not for my pleasure or advantage, but that the weary members of my body may be refreshed to labour for Thine eternal praise and glory. Amen.


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On Martyrdom

From a sermon of St. Augustine

“I tell you again and again, my brethren, that in the Lord’s garden are to be found not only the roses of his martyrs. In it there are also lilies of the virgins, the ivy of wedded couples, and the violets of widows. On no account may any class of people despair, thinking that God has not called them. Christ suffered for all. What the Scriptures say of him is true: He desires all men to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth.

Let us understand, then, how a Christian must follow Christ even though he does not shed his blood for him, and his faith is not called upon to undergo the great test of the martyr’s sufferings. The apostle Paul says of Christ our Lord: Though he was in the form of God he did not consider equality with God a prize to be clung to. How unrivaled his majesty! But he emptied himself, taking on the form of a slave, made in the likeness of men, and presenting himself in human form. How deep his humility!

Christ humbled himself. Christian, that is what you must make your own. Christ became obedient. How is it that you are proud? When this humbling experience was completed and death itself lay conquered, Christ ascended into heaven. Let us follow him there, for we hear Paul saying: If you have been raised with Christ, you must lift your thoughts on high, where Christ now sits at the right hand of God.”

From a sermon by Saint Augustine
He ministered the sacred blood of Christ



Sunrise in High Heaven

Empty the tomb,
The wrappings set aside.
No Body to be found,
Faith in triumph shouts.

It is Easter dawn.
Joy spills or’ heaven’s ledge
As sun rises to high heaven.

Hope blankets earth’s face.
Love penetrates its depth.
A people, newborn,
Called forth to be light.

Witnesses stand forth,
Wrapped about in wedding garb,
They go forth to meet the Groom.

© 2014 Joann Nelander