The Art of Growing Up – My Lent


“If you spot it, you got it!”

It’s common for folks to notice the faults of others, perhaps missing these very attributes in themselves.  Psychology calls it “projection” .

It may be the person I can’t abide simply reminds me of me.  Perhaps in praying for him, a passing angel will polish away my flaws, a two for one in the realm of  abundant grace.

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6 thoughts on “The Art of Growing Up – My Lent

  1. I’ve been guilty of that on a number of occasions too! It’s something I’m working on eliminating, but it’s hard. Seeing flaws in others is often easier than recognizing our own flaws. Good reminder!



  2. Yes, that nasty projection is a reality. If I can’t stand somebody I first ask myself why? Then I ask, “Am I doing that to others?”


    • It’s a bit scary to realize you don’t like yourself. Gets less scary when you realize God is on your side to help with divine grace.


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